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Navigating Change: A Symphony of Vision, Urgency, and Commitment

Updated: Jan 3

Ever wondered why, despite marvellously crafted goals, achieving them remains a challenge? Ever felt the tug between having a grand vision and actually making it happen?

The goals we set invariably imply change, and managing this transformative journey from the present to the desired outcome is an art in itself. Knowing where you want to go is just the beginning of this intricate process. Now, let's dive into the dynamic dance of vision, urgency, and commitment in the realm of change management, exploring the sequel to our journey of crafting resilient goals. Shall we?

The Beckhard-Harris Change Management Formula elegantly aligns with transformative coaching philosophy: V x D x FS > R.

Change requires

  • A clear vision (V) of what is wanted,

  • Drive for change that comes from being dissatisfied with what is (D),

  • And clarity about the first steps (FS).

In my interpretation, Beckhard's "V" symbolizes a compelling vision aligned with our values – our guiding North Star. Setting resilient goals is about aligning our immediate objectives with our evolving vision, aligned with our core values.

"D" signifies urgency, acting as the burning platform propelling us into action. Meanwhile, "FS" underscores the commitment to the initial or subsequent steps, embodying the discipline essential for initiating change.

When these components align, they collectively triumph over internal resistance (R), predominantly rooted in our fears.

Now, let's unravel the tales of two change enthusiasts, John and Jack. One is the visionary dreamer, the other, the high-level maestro of urgency. Buckle up for a journey through change where the devil's in the details, and the angels are in the commitment.

John's Vision Without Urgency (D)

Meet John, the virtuoso dreamer of workplace transformation. Picture a workplace where innovation and collaboration flow like a symphony. John's got the vision (V) down pat. Yet, there's a tiny hitch—urgency (D) is taking a leisurely stroll, not feeling the urgency to kick-start the change.

Result: John's grand vision remains a scenic painting on the wall, untouched by the winds of change. His team continues the same old routine, waiting for the day urgency decides to join the party.

To help John start acting one may ask him to ponder on the questions:

  • What is the cost of not taking action?

  • How long can you afford to not take action?

  • What will make it urgent for you to take action?

Jack's Urgency Without Full Commitment (FS)

Now, shift the spotlight to Jack, the urgency aficionado. Dissatisfaction (D) with the status quo is his morning coffee. Urgency courses through his veins. However, commitment to the nitty-gritty steps (FS) is like a distant cousin – familiar but not well-acquainted. Jack struggles to put a concrete plan into action, leaving change to the whims of improvisation.

Result: Despite Jack's urgency pulling the team forward, the lack of commitment to specific steps turns the transformation journey into a chaotic improvisational dance, missing the rhythm.

In this carnival of change, both John and Jack illustrate the delicate interplay of vision, urgency, and commitment. It's not just about having a vision or feeling the urgency; it's about marrying these elements with a committed and disciplined approach to the necessary steps. Imagine a ballet where each move is intentional, and the finale is a masterpiece of successful change management.

Stay tuned as we unravel the secrets of harmonizing these elements and turning visions into reality.

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