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Client Testimonials

Hristo Borisov Co-Founder CEO PayHawk

Co-founder, CEO, PayHawk

Hristo Borisov

"Building a fast-growing business requires a lot of mental strength, confidence and resilience. It’s often that we are lost in the details that we might fail to see the big picture and discover new and better ways to approach things. I have worked with multiple coaches over the years including Mochary Method and others, but working with Veselka as a
professional coach has been one of the most delightful and helpful experience in my career.

Apart from being a great listener, she has helped me always put things in context, zoom in and out of problems together to consider alternative ways,
and help me prioritize and structure my thinking to arrive at the conclusion myself.

We have had multiple cases at Payhawk where we have hired Veselka for managers that needed some support, and the experience has consistently been overly positive and career-changing for some of the them. I highly recommend her services, and would be happy to provide a reference call to any founder or executive that is considering working with Veselka."

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Trayan Tryanov about Veselka


Trayan Trayanov

"Over the course of several months Veselka was a patient and active listener who asked me potent questions but also didn’t hesitate to offer advice on the rocks when that’s what I needed. She’s still one of the people I trust the most to turn to for guidance on the stickiest people challenges I run into as an org leader."

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Miglena Ouzounova-Tsekova.jpg

Senior HR Director

Miglena Ouzounova-Tsekova

"I have known Veselka for all my professional life and career. We have been through many different learning and development projects where she took the challenge to step into the unknown and pave the way for something new and transformational. She has always been supportive but also challenging the mindset and the status-quo.
She is admirable in her modest behavior, although she is shining with ideas and thought-provoking concept models. Veselka is great in both training and coaching but for me she is a powerful mind and an inspirational partner."

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Reni Gekova about Veselka

HR Director

Reni Gekova

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have such an inspiring partner in my professional journey. Veselka’s insightful perspectives and thought-provoking ideas have consistently pushed me to broaden my own horizons and explore new dimensions. Her humble and trustful nature has made her a true role model in both personal and professional aspects. Keep on and keep up, Vesi!"

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Victor Haimov about Veselka

Coach, (PCC) Trainer, Consultant

Victor Haimov

"Veselka I have known in so many capacities over the years: as a talented people and project manager – I have thrived as part of her team. As a seasoned consultant and trainer, who will put her creativity, determination to add value and pragmatic mind into every mandate. As a coach, she is masterful at keeping her hands off and making high-impact minimalistic interventions. As an entrepreneur, I find her ambitious, consistent and bold."

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Galia Hubanova about Veselka

Coach (PCC), Organizational Consultant, Assessor

Galia Hubanova

"Veselka is my coaching teacher. I am consistently in awe of her innovation capacity and drive to constantly raise standards. Her understanding of clients’ business, needs and context, make her uniquely positioned to provide powerful guidance and support in leadership, growth and strategy."

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Zlatina Mihaylova about Veselka

Coach (PCC), Trainer, Consultant

Zlatina Mihaylova

"Veselka is an inspiration, amazing teacher and a great partner. Vesselka is a master in offering holistic approach in her work, where both the details and the big picture is there. She is absolute talent in designing and delivering transformative learning experiences. She is a thought-leader, coaching empowerer to thousands of people in the world, and that all - combined with humbleness, curioisuty and collaboration."

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Stanislav Yordanov about Veselka

Head of Delivery, Mentor

Stanislav Yordanov

"What truly sets Veselka apart is her deep understanding of leadership principles and her dedication to tailoring her approach to each individual's unique needs. She has a gift for asking the right questions, challenging preconceptions, and providing constructive feedback that has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally... I highly recommend Veselka to anyone seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities. She is not just a coach but a true mentor and partner in your journey towards becoming a more effective and impactful leader.." (full text here)

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Miroslav Gechev about Veselka

Entrapreneur, Intrapreneur, Tech Engineer

Miroslav Gechev

"I have met Ves as the trainer of the Aligned Action International program. The program with its practical approach, taught me the art of asking questions that truly empower people. It made me a more effective leader and manager, enabling me to guide teams and colleagues towards success.."

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Sevdalin Zelyazkov.jpg

Software Engineering Manager, Scrum Practitioner

Sevdalin Zhelyazkov

"Meeting Veselka can be a life-changing event to any ambitious individual. I have had the opportunity and the pleasure to be in a leadership class that she lead for 4 months, which was one of the most transformative experiences I have been through. Veselka has impeccable abilities of capturing every aspect of the human behaviour, breaking it down and explaining it from different perspectives. She is able to control the audience in an extraordinary way and keep it in a productive state at any given time. Through interactions and tactful feedback she provokes self-reflection in different contexts that fundamentally shifts one’s mindset." (full text here)

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L&D Lead, Coach, Author of Poetry

Galina Nikolova

"Veselka is a masterful coach, and also a masterful trainer, teacher, consultant, and mentor. I am grateful for our paths crossing in 2020 - in many ways a year of darkness. I experienced coaching and learning from Veselka as a light in the tunnel. Still think of it this way."

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Ivelina Nikolova about Veselka


Ivelina Nikolova

"I find Veselka to be an inspirational trainer, very thorough, attentive to the needs of different participants in the group. With her positive and approachable personality on top of her coaching expertise, Veselka is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone - individual or organization - who is interested in extracting the best value of their own and their people's potential."

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Max Baklayan about Veselka


Max Baklayan

"Veselka has been a cornerstone in my development as a CEO and in engineering the culture of our entire organization. Her coaching has been nothing short of transformational, empowering me to lead with clarity and purpose. Beyond my personal growth, Veselka has worked closely with our C-level executives, enabling them to tap into their full potential and contribute meaningfully to our mission. Her strategic foresight has also been invaluable in forging partnerships with other exceptional professionals, which has been instrumental in navigating complex challenges and upgrading our operations. We owe a great deal of our success to Veselka's enduring support and wholeheartedly recommend her to any leader seeking to enhance their team's capabilities and cultivate meaningful collaborations."

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Teodor Hamparzoumian about Veselka

C-level Leader

Teodor Hampartzoumian

"In addition to her exceptional coaching abilities, Ves is a masterful management consultant. She has a deep understanding of multi-cultural organisational dynamics, change management, and strategic planning. Her insights and recommendations have helped our organisation navigate complex challenges, streamline processes, and achieve sustainable growth combines with exceptional operational performance. Her strategic vision has been instrumental in shaping our long-term vision, goals and objectives." (full text here)

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Yana Panayotova.jpg

People Partner Lead, PayHawk

Yana Panayotova

"In a time of numerous challenges and disruptions, Veselka emerged as a beacon of inspiration and support by providing unwavering encouragement, insightful perspectives, and a level of empathy that went beyond what I could have expected.

What sets Veselka apart is not just their expertise in coaching but also their exceptional skill in asking the right questions and challenging me to think above and beyond conventional solutions. Their coaching style is a perfect blend of motivation, practical strategies, and deep understanding, creating an environment where growth and self-development thrive. Veselka demonstrated an unparalleled ability to instill confidence, resilience, and a positive mindset.
" (full text here)

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Rada Yosifova.jpg

Senior HR Director

Rada Yosifova

"What truly sets Veselka apart is her dedication to delivering tangible results. Their training programs, including Authentic Leadership, Servant Leadership, and others, have consistently led to measurable improvements in our leadership skillset and employee engagement. This, in turn, has translated into a better understanding of our employees' needs, a more engaged workforce, and ultimately, a more productive organization. Veselka's coaching services have also been instrumental in helping our managers reach their full potential and excel in their roles, particularly during significant transformational changes when effective leadership was crucial.!" (full text here)

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Christina Nesheva.jpg

Venture Building, Commercialisation, General Management

Christina Nesheva

"I was lucky to have Ves as my first manager and we worked closely for the first few years of my career. She has been one of the most instrumental individuals that shaped my work, instilling a relentless desire for personal development and achievement of higher and higher standards and professionalism. While our paths separated, over the last few years, Vesselka has become my go-to person when I need to get to the core of an issue. She has the most perceptive way of asking questions and getting straight to the point delivered in a kind yet firm manner. I love how she gets me to focus on what is critical and does not allow me to go to unnecessary details. Ves is by far one of the best coaches I've worked with."

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Daniela Deniz about Veselka

L&D Lead, Coach

Daniela Nazim

"I met Vesselka for the first time in 2009 when I had a chance to learn from an amazing team of business trainers that looked up on her as their mentor. She was among the first professionals to introduce coaching in Bulgaria so in 2019 when I decided to pursue a coaching certificate I had no doubt that I will sign up with Aligned Action International. At this stage I had basic understanding of coaching but what I knew is that a program run by her will be a stretch combined with practical implementation due to her business acumen and experience as an enterpreneur and people manager. Growing my own coaching practice I am often asked for recommendations for a remarkable business coach or coaching certification and Vesselka is the name that comes to mind first."

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Vladimir Borachev about Veselka

Executive Coach, Author of Books

Vladimir Borachev

"Veselka is the person who brought me into the world of professional coaching back in 2012. I have had the opportunity to partner with her on different leadership development projects. Veselka is by far one of the top professional coaches in the region. She combines her client-oriented approach with her deep empathy and willingness to support, to challenge, and to walk the development journey with her individual and team clients. Thank you, Ves!"

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Lyubomira Taleva about Veselka

Senior HR Professional

Lyubomira Talev

"Veselka has been a person with different roles in my life - started as a colleague, a friend and during the last 6-7 years as a coaching guru, turning around most of my personal perceptions, beliefs and values. The word of coaching was revealed to me by her as the next step of my personal development. And it turned out to be a game changer for my inner game. She is a true awakener."

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Sandra Mirica.jpg

Sales Strategy & Planning, Coach, Career Counsellor

Sandra Mirica

"I had the pleasure to meet Ves as my coaching teacher and I am very happy for this turn of events in my journey. As a mentor-coach and a coach, I appreciate very much Ves for her warmth, structured and curious approach, for her flexibility. During our sessions in the modules when I had the chance to practice with Ves as my coach, I recognized the passion for personal growth and the smooth way in which she creates the safe space for the Client to observe and gain deeper understanding about themselves. As a mentor-coach I discovered in her both the teacher and the coach, with high standards and again warm rigor towards what coaching is and how it can be used, turning her in one of my models for my coaching practice and the way I present coaching further. Thank you Ves!"

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Veselin Nikolov about Veselka

Coach (PCC), Trainer, Consultant

Veselin Nikolov

"Veselka is an outstanding professional and a special person. For more than 10 years I have had the honour and pleasure to partner with her on various projects related to coaching, leadership training and other. With her vast expertise and experience as a coach, mentor of coaches and leadership trainer, she will be your indispensable partner. It's an honour and a pleasure to know you, Vessie."

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Over my 20+ years in business, the stellar individuals I've had the privilege to work with have been a driving force. They're not just clients, colleagues or partners; we form a fellowship
dedicated to achieving outstanding results and our fullest potential.
This page isn't only about me; it's a showcase of our collaborative efforts.

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