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Veselka Tsocheva-Donkova (Ves), MCC

About me

A Fusion of Mastery and Impact

In my journey spanning more than two decades, I've cultivated a diverse tapestry of expertise being a Master Certified Coach, Resilience Master Practitioner, NLP Master, and holding an MBA, and a Master's degree in General Psychology. These layers of knowledge and experience have empowered me as a professional coach, capabilities trainer and personal growth enabler.

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Driving Change and Innovation

As a driving force behind the success story of the Balkans' premier HR services business during the early 21st century, I've honed my skills in leadership, business development and managing change. My journey has been marked by a steadfast commitment to sculpting novel learning and development solutions that seamlessly fuse with the fabric of clients' cultures, while addressing their distinctive needs and ambitions.

Charting Bespoke Paths to Success

My legacy lies in the ability to untangle intricate challenges. I've earned a reputation for guiding clients while navigating complexity and charting paths that connect their present to their envisioned future. In our co-creative journey, we carve a route that leads to profound and sustainable outcomes.

Crafting Excellence

In 2017, I founded Aligned Action Ltd. in Bulgaria (learn more about the company here) - a cornerstone of the professional coaching education in South-East Europe. What began as a mission to elevate coaching standards and ignite a wave of excellence in the region has blossomed into a a dynamic platform that attracts talents, empowers leaders, and propels corporate entities towards transformative growth.

Embracing Ease

My philosophy centers on making success effortless by embracing our core values and passions. Creativity, self-expression, and ease are the pillars upon which I build every interaction in the realm of coaching, mentoring or training. Clients describe me as approachable, positive, and wise - "a trusted guide who sparks inspiration and courage". I create a safe space for exploration and refleciton, while nurturing the drive to break through personal barriers.

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