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Mental Yoga: Embracing Flexibility in the Coaching Journey

Engaging in a coaching relationship unfolds like a session of mental yoga.

Much like a seasoned yogi, a coach doesn't confront but gently invites clients to explore the vast possibilities within their minds.

When working with coach practitioners in the early stages of their journeys, a common challenge surfaces—the struggle with "shifting a client's mindset." This often occurs when recognizing the limiting assumptions clients make, they instinctively ask questions that aim to "change clients' thinking". However, coaching isn't about forcefully altering one's thinking; rather, envision it as a mindful stretch, fostering flexibility without the need to swap one mindset for another.

At the core of coaching lies the art of challenging assumptions, not with the intention of replacing them outright, but to beckon clients into a space where their ideas represent just a fraction of the expansive landscape of possibilities.

However, it's crucial to recognize that embracing a single new view, even if enhanced, and disregarding all other possible views, can be as limiting as the present perspective.

The coach's questions act as gateways to uncharted territories, cultivating novel ways of thinking and problem-solving.

Exploration, in this context, transcends the notion of discarding one perspective for another. It's about acknowledging the kaleidoscope of viewpoints available, gracefully tolerating the uncertainty that arises from embracing this diversity. Rather than perceiving situations in black and white, coaching encourages an awareness that each scenario can unfold in myriad ways. Tolerating uncertainty becomes a refined skill, enabling individuals to navigate the rich tapestry of perspectives.

The essence of uncertainty lies in knowing that there are many possible perspectives and never knowing which one is the "right" one.

Flexibility emerges not only in thought but also in behavioural choices.

It's the mental yoga that empowers the conscious selection of one viewpoint over another, recognizing that decisions can evolve with new information or shifting goals. As we become more flexible in our thinking, we become more prone to experimenting with our actions.

In the rhythmic dance of mental yoga, clients develop the resilience to embrace diverse choices, fostering a profound adaptability in their actions. The flexibility cultivated through coaching becomes an invaluable tool for navigating the intricate journey of personal and professional growth.

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