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Embracing Chaos: Lessons in Self-Leadership from a School Day Fiasco

September 15th, a day etched in the memory of many parents in my homeland, marks the commencement of a new school year. It's a day of crisp uniforms, hearty breakfasts, and the promise of fresh beginnings. However, in my household, this day unfolded in a slightly different manner - a manner that, I believe, holds a valuable lesson in self-leadership and inspiring others.

The alarm clock's snooze button became an unwitting ally, the iron chose today to play hooky, and my sixth-grader's shirt mysteriously vanished overnight, the casualty of a sudden growth spurt. As for breakfast, it seems the concept had gone into hibernation over the summer - a common occurrence when dealing with boys who have a tendency to rise around noon.

Now, for someone with a fondness for precision and order, this situation could easily be labelled a "disaster".

I'm sure many of the accomplished women reading this can relate, as we often endeavour to excel in every role we undertake.

But the narrative of an excellent mother is as diverse as the women who embody it. Hence, it's not about adhering to a rigid template of perfection; it's about embracing imperfections and using them as a canvas to teach our children lessons. Including the lesson of “being enough”.

The beauty lies in recognising that "being enough" is, in fact, quite substantial. It's not an endorsement of mediocrity, but an acknowledgement of delivering our best given our present circumstances - our energy, our capabilities, and our determination. For those of us balancing multiple paths, the pursuit of absolute "perfectionism" often needs to take a backseat. As we navigate multifaceted paths, it's important to remember that balance isn't a static state. It's a dynamic dance, a perpetual shift of focus and attention, ensuring that no facet of our lives is permanently overshadowed.

This is a journey I'm on, one that's marked by successes as often as not. It's even spurred me to get a little reminder tattooed. In a quirky twist, my 21-year-old, moved by similar sentiments, chose to ink "freedom" on his arm not long after. Being enough as working mothers not only grants us freedom but extends it to our children as well. It's a profound lesson in empowerment, demonstrating that our imperfections, our ability to adapt, and our capacity to lead ourselves through the chaos ultimately liberates those around us.

In retrospect, that "chaotic" morning was a masterclass in self-leadership. It taught me that the pursuit of excellence isn't about flawlessness, but about showing up authentically, giving our best, and embracing the beautifully imperfect reality we find ourselves in.

So, here's to all the mothers, leaders, and jugglers of roles - you are enough, and that's where the true magic lies.

In a world that often demands control and perfection, remember that "chaos" is our natural habitat. Embracing it requires a different mindset - one of agility, adaptability, and the understanding that being enough is not only sufficient but profoundly powerful.

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