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From Master Coach to Web Wizardry: An Introvert's Tale

In the vibrant world of coaching and training, you'll find me, the introverted wizard of wisdom. My magic? It's a blend of listening intently and conjuring mind-bending questions. I've honed the art of presence, especially when guiding clients through the precarious waters of their challenges. My direct communication skills, along with a knack for dropping truth bombs, have been known to launch folks into orbits of expanded thinking. And as a trainer, I've had to dance to the beat of diverse groups, sometimes as intimate as 20 eager learners. It's an exercise in social adaptability, a skill not typically associated with introverts like me.

Now, don't get me wrong—I love working with people. But here's the catch—I recharge by slipping away into my little introvert cave. In that sacred space, I'm present solely for myself, finding solitude and solace.

So, you may be wondering, what's the twist in this magical tale?

Well, here it is—I've embarked on a journey from being a Master Coach to becoming a full-stack web designer. Hold onto your wizard hats; things are about to get enchantingly interesting.

One day, as I peered into the digital crystal ball, I made a momentous decision: it was time to embark on an epic quest—to create my personal website. It felt like summoning a digital dragon, a process that both thrilled and unnerved me. To dive headfirst into crafting my digital kingdom, I took two weeks off from my mystical coaching and training realm.

I ventured into the uncharted territories of web design, using my keyboard like a magic wand. I wrote, rewrote, and then rewrote some more, crafting what I can only describe as spells (or, as we call them, "texts") intended to captivate the minds of those brave enough to enter my domain. I visualised layouts, choosing photographs with the precision of a sorcerer casting spells. It was a different kind of magic, one where I engaged in a profound conversation with my own inner sage.

Now, don't be deceived; this enchanted quest came with its fair share of frustration...

You see, my familiarity with the platform and design in general was as limited as a novice's grasp of potion-making. Nonetheless, I pressed on, determined to craft a digital masterpiece. Surprisingly, this calm, methodical journey turned out to be more than just fulfilling; it felt like a soothing meditation, a gentle replenishment of my energy. What some people might consider a tedious task of writing and editing in silence became my peaceful sanctuary, a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. At one point, I found myself contemplating, 'Why did I embark on a profession so inherently steeped in human interaction? What I do now is delightful!”These reflections were not new; they echoed moments when my introverted nature craved solitude, and the intense social interactions had drained my energy.

So, why share this magical tale?

Well, for introverts like me, it unveils vital lessons. We savour our moments of isolation, where we can delve deep into the realms of conceptualisation, exploration, and immersive learning, all without the distracting noise of the outside world. We're the quiet architects, reading, experimenting, reflecting, drawing conclusions, and meticulously planning our next moves with a precision that's truly remarkable.

And then there's the enchanting world of crafting. For introverts, it's a quiet pursuit, a place where we can immerse ourselves completely. Some of us might enjoy collaborating in teams, but there's something truly magical about those moments when we can craft without interruptions, when we can be the author of our creations. It's about allowing yourself the privilege to be the craftsperson, to mold your work in the quiet of your own thoughts, and only when you're ready, to present it to the world and engage in discussion.

As introverts we are aware of our need to set aside dedicated time and create the perfect environment to pace ourselves, to nurture our unique rhythm and needs. It's not a luxury; it's a necessity. As an introvert whose work often involves partnering with people, these solo moments are our lifeblood. There's no need for guilt or explanations; it's not selfishness, it's simply a matter of self-nurturing. It's the secret potion that refills our energy reserves, allowing us to continue our extraordinary journey of crafting and creating, both in the mystical world of introverts and the bustling realm of social sorcery.

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