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Behavioural preferences assessment

Enhance your self-awareness and harness your unique style

Service Description

EXPERIENCE a comprehensive behavioural assessment utilizing a DISC-based tool, providing valuable insights into your communication style, decision-making approach, management strategy, conflict handling tendencies, and overall work fit. FOLLOWING the assessment, engage in a personalized feedback session with me, delving into the intricacies of your behavioural profile. Discover how to leverage your strengths and adapt to diverse situations, fostering more effective interactions and enhanced outcomes. THIS PROCESS serves as a foundation for growth and development. Should you wish to explore further, the option of 1-on-1 coaching awaits. OUR COACHING JOURNEY can: • Refine your capabilities, empowering you to navigate challenges, harness opportunities, and elevate your potential. • Beyond refining skills, coaching can extend into managing specific relationships more adeptly. Uncover strategies for effective collaboration, fostering cooperation, and building stronger connections. WHAT SETS THIS EXPERIENCE APART is the opportunity for profound transformation. Within the assessment and coaching framework, delve into deeper layers of personal and professional growth, unlocking potential you may not have realized was within reach. READY TO AMPLIFY your strengths, refine your relationships, and embark on a transformative journey? EMAIL me at or connect wtih Aligned Action at to embark on this exciting venture.

Contact Details

  • 3, ulitsa "Buntovnik", Sofia, Bulgaria

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