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1-on-1 Transition Coaching

Navigating change and embracing new horizons

Service Description

Are you currently in a period of transition, whether between jobs, personal roles, companies, or even geographical locations? Embracing change can be both exciting and challenging, and that's where transition coaching comes in. IN THIS COACHING PARTNERSHIP, we focus on creating a seamless transition experience. If you're facing new environments and uncharted territory, this service offers you the tools and strategies to streamline your ideas and adapt to your evolving circumstances. AT THE CORE OF TRANSITION COACHING is the opportunity to define your personal vision. We'll dig deep to uncover not just what you can have, but what you truly want. This process provides you with clarity and direction, ensuring that your transitions align with your authentic desires and aspirations. THROUGH OUR COACHING JOURNEY you'll rediscover your inner resources—strengths, skills, and talents—that you can lean on during times of change. To this end, we may incorporate psychometric assessments (focusing on strengths, values, resilience, etc.) and self-reflection exercises. We'll work together to build a robust support structure that will guide you through every step of the transitioning process, offering stability and guidance. ONE CRUCIAL ASPECT we will address is taming your inner saboteurs—the self-doubts and fears that can hinder your progress. By mastering these mental obstacles, you'll gain the resilience and confidence to navigate transitions with grace. THE ULTIMATE RESULT of this transformative experience is twofold: • An optimal timing for your transitions and • A deep sense of satisfaction and achievement. WHETHER you're shifting career paths, adjusting to new personal roles, or embracing changes on various fronts, transition coaching equips you to thrive in periods of change, ensuring you not only navigate transitions smoothly but also extract meaningful and fulfilling results from these journeys. YOU CAN CHOOSE from coaching packages of 4 and 6 hours for a period of 2 to 3 months. EMBRACE CHANGE with confidence and create a seamless bridge between the old and the new. Contact me at to embark on your 2 to 3-month transition coaching journey and make your transitions a source of empowerment and growth.

Contact Details

  • 3, ulitsa "Buntovnik", Sofia, Bulgaria

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