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Shortest coaching conversation

There's this myth that coaching conversations take time. Often people imagine that a coaching conversation would take hours.

Another misconception is that leaders are not able to ask "elaborate questions" a professional coach would ask. Therefore, people might deduct that there's no space for everyday coaching at work.

And I've also heard that many (especially business people who operate in competitive environment) would not take the time to reflect and respond to coaching questions. They rather brush them away.

All these these have provoked me to come up with the shortest coaching process ever.

It involves only 4 questions and 3 of these are closed. Professional coaches please, take a deep breath.

Here is an experiment for you:

🔎 If you are in a leadership role

🔎 Next time when someone complains or they are unhappy with "what is"

🔎 Yet, they don't take ownership and action

... ask them these questions and listen patiently.

Feel free to share and let me know how it worked for you.

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